Press Release: Egypt – Istanbul to host Egyptian crisis meeting

UJN facilitates meeting with IHRC in UK and Malaysia, Citizens International Istanbul is to play host to an important gathering to discuss and suggest ways out of the political crisis in Egypt. Titled “Egypt: The Way forward”, the meeting is being convened by the Universal Justice Network (UJN), through its two secretariats, the UK-based Islamic Human Rights Commission, and Malaysia based, Citizens International, and the  will feature prominent Islamic and Arab activists. They include Egypt’s Salma Ashraf, a political activist…

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Sampang Crisis

A Universal Justice Network team is visiting Indonesia  starting 5 January 2013 to discuss unity and progress.  The trip comes in the wake of sectarian violence that has seen villagers killed in internecine Muslim violence.  Details and action points for campaigners can be found here. The UJN team includes Massoud Shadjareh and Farah Mirza-Bukhari from IHRC, Mohideen Abdel Kader from Citizens International and Imam Muhammad Al-Asi the elected Imam of the Islamic Center, Washington D.C., USA, as well as local…

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